Material flow and inventory management

  •  Comprehensive tracking of batches
  •  Immediate identification of their location
  •  Optimal inventory management

Perfect visibility on material flows, whether raw materials or products : an essential stake for production.

Today, efficient production demands to be reactive, able to deliver orders on time and to control its storage costs.

MESBOX MTG material flow

Receipt of raw materials or components

The receipt of raw materials or components is the first step in production. Taken into account by the ERP, through production monitoring (MES) or jointly, it will ultimately fill the stock of workshops, which production monitoring must manage throughout the manufacturing process. The receipt of materials or components is typically part of the quality monitoring process, which determines one or more quality controls at the end of which the batch is accepted or rejected.

Batches' tracking

During the manufacturing process, the batches will be transferred in portions to the various work stations, lines or production equipment. At certain stages and according to the type of process, they will be assembled, mixed or transformed, in some cases constituting stocks of intermediate materials. The follow-up of production provides a perfect follow-up of all these stages, and is able to reconstruct all the way of the different batches through the installation, which will provide the basis of the traceability of the products or genealogy.

Workshop inventory

Effectively managing shop inventory is critical to evaluating the facility's ability to produce an additional order. Knowing that a stock of raw material is actually available because arrived at the beginning of the day will change the deal in relation to an information of the ERP which will not have this level of precision and will only consider the available stock the next morning. In terms of continuous improvement, the monitoring of workshops stock levels over time may also improve the porocurement strategy (supplier assessment, replenishment thresholds, etc.).

The immediate location of the stocks in the workshops also saves considerable time for any verification operation. At any time, it is possible to locate a lot or a sub-lot of material in the installation, with all its properties. The transfer operations declared in the modeling are used without the need for specific programming to update the shop inventory, that is to say the stocks contained in declared equipment of the installation, whether they are materials finished products or intermediate materials.

Software COOX MESbox MTG


The functions for managing material flows and workshop inventory are delivered by MESbox MTG module (Material Tracking & Genealogy) of COOX range.
The MESbox MTG pack helps you set up very high level immediate product traceability quickly that can satisfy the current requirements and anticipating their flows. It can be connected to other packs from the COOX line, especially the MESbox SCADA (supervision) and MESbox PMT (Production execution) in order to build a complete workshop monitoring solution.

• Ascending and descending product traceability (genealogy)
• Automatic traceability and presentation of results in man-made or detailed form
• Modeling of material containers and transfers
• Display of flows in tree-structure
• Customizable operation ergonomy
• Raw material and product workshop stocks monitoring
• Operation from any point in the Intranet network
• FDA 21 CFR 11 requirements

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