MES & SCADA software - Production monitoring - Supervision

Discovering the COOX offer

The COOX offer covers all the SCADA and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) features our productyion monitoring. Its structure is modular: you install only the SCADA and / or MES modules that you need or in addition to your existing. With the entire COOX offer, you benefit from an unequaled level of integration, implementation time and overall cost.

COOX combines great flexibility in process control and in systematic and exhaustive production traceability (process, material). The different modules of the COOX solution, called MESbox®, are based on the same platform (COOX® platform) and can be used independently or combined.



COOX modules

Standard functional MESbox modules capacitiesSCADA
Coox platform selection selection selection selection selection  
Deployment and Intranet Access
Historical data base
User Management
Industrial Communication Drivers
Navigation and dynamic screens
Supervision selection selection        
Status and alarm log
Statistics (Pareto) of alarms
Recording of measurements and curves
Equipment Explorer
Recipes management   selection selection      
Definition / launch of recipes
Import and export
Launch and control of phases
Production orders management   selection selection      
Planning production orders
Production orders monitoring
Manufacturing history
Advanced execution     selection      
Materials and products definition
Procedure and bill of operation definition
Procedures monitoring and execution
Quality control monitoring and execution
Suspensions and resumptions management
Step-by-step execution
Materials and products tracking       selection    
Materials and products definition
Receiving materials
Définition of physical flows
Workshop inventory and outstandings
Management of stacks and mixtures
Used equipment and location of batches
Genealogy of Raw materials and Products
Quality and performance analysis         selection  
Real-time collection and pre-processing
Manual input / auto stops
Causes of stoppages and non-quality
Indicators: OEE, MTBF, MTTR...
Intranet diffusion and reporting   selection selection selection selection selection
Intranet distribution of tables and charts
Excel and PDF Reports
  + infos + infos + infos + infos + infos + infos

These modules meet the needs and requirements of your production by delivering the functionalities of a defined theme in a package ready to use. Expandable thanks to the COOX® builder, they adapt automatically to the evolution of your installation and to the process.

Based on web technologies, the MES COOX Software is presented as a high performance solution that is easy to implement, without any hardware or specific installation, accessible from any point of the company : whatever functionality you choose, the high level of integration guarantees you the simplicity of implementation and deployment, as well as a great homogeneity of operation.

COOX Concepts

The COOX software solution covers supervision, production orders launching, operations execution, recipes and bill of operations management, process traceability, product genealogy and material flow monitoring, quality control, as well as performance analysis and Manufacturing Intelligence.


The SCADA & MES COOX range is based on unique concepts.
Philippe Allot, CEO of ORDINAL Software, exposes them in a short interview (2 minutes).


Integrated and powerful MES modules

With a large number of ready-to-use functions without developement, the MESbox modules are easily extensible by programming thanks to platform COOX 's open architecture. These business modules are complemented by long-term availability and archiving moules.

  • COOX‐RS : redundancy and replication server
  • COOX‐AM : application and data archiving manager

The COOX range can also be operated from tablets ad SmartPhones


Discover in this video the main functionalities of the various COOX modules.