MES - MOM - Real time production monitoring - Workshop control

COOX: the Heart of Smart Factory

Called production monitoring, workshop control, production supervision or manufacturing follow-up, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the heart of the smart factory.
It allows to control and optimize all stages of the production, from the orders of manufacture coming from ERP or your management system, until the storage or the shipment of the products. It also allows you to control the performance of your installations through performance and quality indicators such  as OEE.

Quality, an essential component of production monitoring, is a transverse function that operates from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of products. Multi-level Quality controls Quality rate and performance in real-time Continuous improvement

In order to guarantee the quality of their products and comply with increasingly demanding legislation, industries must have now an effective product traceability. Containers and transfers modeling Systematic traceability of material flows Detailed genealogy of batches and used equipments

Production orders will allow to sequence the manufacture according to the orders to be delivered. Import from ERP Launching and monitoring production orders Automatic management of resource allocation

Transmitted by the ERP or the  production management  to the MES software, production orders can also be created directly. Planning production orders Control of their execution Real-time visualization of production phases

Perfect visibility on material flows, whether raw materials or products : an essential stake for production. Comprehensive tracking of batches Immediate identification of their location Optimal inventory management

Production monitoring or MES functions do not replace the management of the company's personnel, but provide the necessary information for the assignment of personnel on the workstations and their management as a production resource. Better resource management Control of the execution time of operations Optimization of the actual manufacturing cost of products
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