Staff, manpower and teams management

  •  Better resource management
  •  Control of the execution time of operations
  •  Optimization of the actual manufacturing cost of products

Production monitoring or MES functions do not replace the management of the company's personnel, but provide the necessary information for the assignment of personnel on the workstations and their management as a production resource.

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Profils and user groups

Profiles are defined for a group of users, which make it possible to determine the functions of the production monitoring that can be carried out. Depending on the rights given by the administrator, the data are available for consultation or modification. Special rights may also be given to an authorized user. For extended installations, it is also useful to define zones of validity for accesses. For example, an operator who works in a workshop will have access to all the functions for this workshop, but not for the other workshops in the plant.

Qualification of operators

Some operations require a special qualification of the operators who are required to carry it out. The ISA-95 standard defines qualifications for operators, which for some trades will have to be regularly tested. The production tracking system should then take over this information.

A system deployed in intranet technically allows to carry out the operations from any point of the factory, or even outside. However, in somecasdes, it may be critical from a safety standpoint that the operation is performed from a given station. For example, launching an operation involving a high-power press requires visibility on this press. The system then requires that the function be launched from a terminal located close to this press.

Activity time and execution time

To optimize the efficiency of the installation, the production system must measure the activity times on the lines or production units, so as to have labor utilization balances. At a finer level, the system also allows to measure the time of execution of the operations, which will make it possible on the one hand to compare these execution times (depending on the teams, depending on the products, etc.) on the other hand, to be able to calculate the actual manufacturing cost of the products.

Staff, manpower and teams management is operated by COOX platform.

Staff, Manpower and teams management


Labor management is provided by the LBM module (Labor Management)

  • Extension of the MESbox PMT module
  • Work management (production human resources)
  • Management of la bor availability for a given qualification
  • Assisted assignment of work to positions based on availability and qualifications
  • Management of the actual start and end of the shift and trace
  • Assignment of human resources to work orders (production, maintenance, quality, logistics)
  • Calculation of the FTE (full-time equivalent) workload of an WO

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