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Usine avec COOX
From the management point of view
  • I would like more up-to-date information than what my ERP gives me
  • What is the actual production today? Does it correspond to the objectives?
  • What is the actual cost price of our products?
  • Are the figures transmitted in the reporting reliable?
From a quality service point of view
  • Are we compliant with the regulations?
  • How to improve our various quality indicators? Can we achieve zero waste?
  • Are we faithful to the customer's specifications?
  • Are all procedures followed?
From a production point of view
  • How many people do I need to ensure the planned production?
  • Have I assigned the different positions according to each person's skills?
  • Who does what and with what ressource?
  • Are we on time?
  • Can we place an order without changing the schedule?
From a maintenance point of view
  • What is the number and duration of my equipment failure?
  • How to reduce the most penalizing breakdowns?
  • I need to schedule a preventive maintenance shutdown, when is the best time to do it?
  • What is the intervention team on Wednesday?
From the operator's point of view
  • Est-ce que je suis en retard dans ma production ?
  • Am I late in my production? What must I do now?
  • I have to report a breakdown to the maintenance department, what should I do?
  • Where are the documents I need?
  • Filling out the worksheets takes time. It is really useful?
From a purchasing point of view
  • Quel est le stock d'encours ?
  • What is the stock of outstanding?
  • We broke up yesterday, what are the reasons?
  • Have we already started the last shipment ordered?
  • When should I place the order for the next production?
  • The supplier tells me a day late, is it annoying for us?


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