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Supervisory control, oriented manufacturing allowing to integrate MES (production monitoring) functions without specific development and in a transparent way.

Industrial supervision (SCADA system) and supervisory control of your installation are an essential component of the control of your production. Ensuring communication with your PLCs and equiments, offering your operators optimum piloting ergonomics, are characteristics inherent in a powerful industrial supervision software.

With the COOX MESbox SCADA Premium module, your SCADA system enters a new dimension. Intranet technology delivers secure, real-time visibility of operations from any location in the enterprise. No specific installation of client workstations is required for setting up or updating the application.
The time when supervision consisted of a simple on-screen reporting of field information and a user-friendly interface is over. Today, it is essential that the data collected by your SCADA software are integrated into a structured organization of all your production data, and can be used by everyone in your company, without having to think again this organization every time you add equipment in your workshops. This is where the COOX platform (COllaborative Operation & eXecution) and the MESbox SCADA Premium and SCADA Manufacturing packages from ORDINAL Software come in.

Traceur SCADA

Unlimited variables (tags)

SCADA Premium server is not limited in number of variables. Our promise to offer you an integrated offer coverinf supervision and MES from the machine panel up to a complete installation is very concrete today : for the price of a HMI device, you have a complete supervision for your machine, capable of managing several thousand variables with historian on a database, ready to receive other modules of MES (production orders management, performance analysis, traceability...) or to integrate in a wider COOX MES & SCADA architecture with several dozen intranet clients.

High-level Human-machine interface

The unique mechanisms of the MESbox SCADA facilitate the creation and maintenance of user views. Using pre-animated graphic objects, you can use a set of general controls (buttons, cursors, symbols, presentation panels,...) and specialized libraries (tanks, handling, electricity, etc...). Inserting your own images, photos and technical drawings ensures unlimited personalization and creativity.

Views tree

The tree view organization and navigation bars are generated automatically. No more problems creating and maintaining navigation links between pages. Reorganizing navigation for better ergonomics becomes very easy. Animated layers include the recurring elements of each view : wallpaper, logos, fitle fields, date and time, alarm banners, navigation bars, etc. Modifying a layer is enough to modify all the views that use it, component technology compels!

Equipment explorer

The MESbox SCADA monitoring software provides an Equipment Explorer.
This is a unique component that revolutionizes the concept of synoptic as it is generally understood in supervisory control. Thanks to it, you can explore a complete workshop, and even the whole plant intuitively, without having to set up a complex navigation between the views. A simple selection of a section in the equipment tree shows you all the status information or the control of it. If a synoptic has been created, it will be displayed automatically. The Equipment Explorer also supports synoptic's zooming and moving, enabling you to navigate in a space larger than the screen, which will bring together all equipment in a workshop, for example.

Events and alarms management

The alarms log, with its rigorous trace of alarms or system events, offers extensive possibilities (Sevirity, Urgency, Selective Acknowledgment, Inhibition...) and particularly ergonomic pre-parametric filtering modes (tree organization equipment, functional groups, etc.). The states also exploit the equipment tree : the subassemblies in alarm are instantly identified by a red dot and the list of states of the subassembly is displayed with a simple click in the equipment tree. Associated with a device within a synoptic, the log automatically filters the information corresponding to it.

Measurements and tracer recorders

Recorders support automatic recording of measurements or data in even-driven mode, saving storage size. Periodic forcing is possible. The periodic archiving, which determines the retention time of the online data, is also managed. As a natural complement to recorders for views, the tracer is a client component that provides visualization of data in the form of graphs, histograms and tables, working both on archiving and on-line data, in a totally transparent way. The tracer is fully configurable in operation, both for the choice of colors, scales, zoom factoir, as well as for more sophisticated operations : direct statistics on the displayed curves, comparison of a production with a previous production, etc.

Recipes or Orders forms - Production Order management

The MESbox SCADA Manufacturing package provides you with a recipe mechanism that allows transparent management on the basis of data sets of setpoints destined for the equipment, as well as the automatic generation of amanufacturing history. It offers several modes of exchange with PLCs, including a synchronized mode avoiding any hazard. The corresponding recipe cards can contain an unlimited number of parameters grouped as required by categories. The recipe system of the MESbox SCADA Manufacturing package is scalable to the multi-stage recipe system of the MESbox PMT pack, ISA88 compatible.

Pack Mesbox SCADA

Corresponding modules of COOX® range

The industrial monitoring capabilities (SCADA) are based on the MESbox SCADA / SCADA Manufacturing modules of the COOX range.

• Display and control from any point on the Intranet
• High performance event processing
• Automatic generation of navigation between views
• Physical or geographical tree structure of equipment
• Object approach and customizable ergonomy
• Historization of alarms, measurements and recipe records in standard database
• Support all automatic control systems protocols (Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, OPC, Applicom, TCP/Modbus, ...)
• All communication via TCP/IP and OPC