Recipes and bill of operations management - Formulas and BOMs

Essential for the control and execution of your production, product definitions can either be sent by your ERP but is often created or completed in the MES.

 Recipes definition
 Process modeling
 Recipes and multi-step procedures

Products definition

The ERP or CAPM systems can be the origin, but he definition of the recipes can also be defined directly in the software MES. It includes the definition of receipts, consisting of a manufacturing procedure or range, and a list of ingredients or formulas. For discrete processes, the preferred term is components list or bill of materials (BOM). This rigorous definition provides the basis for controlling production.

Process modeling

The process modeling allows the definition of the formulas and products manufacturing steps independently of the physical installation and the automations. The separation of the two jobs has multiple advantages :

• Clear and evolving expression of the expertise of chemists and formulators

• Support for the progressive automation of a process

• Easy adaptation to changes in production capacity

• Distribution of production on several manufacturing units

Physical and procedural modeling is in accordance with ISA-88.02 (Graphical Language Procedural Function Chart). The equipments are defined fot the entire platform and constitute a single repository that can be used by all MESbox packs (SCADA, MTG, QPI).

Recipes and multi-steps procedures

Each recipe is associated on the one hand with BOMs (or formula) and on the other hand with a procedure (or bill of operation). The BOMs and the number of steps in the bill of operation are not limited. MESbox PMT pack uses the platform COOX execution engine which manages the sequence of steps (allocation of the corresponding units, operation and phases execution, etc.) in accordance with ISA 88.02 (synchronization between steps, conditional transitions,...). Recipes and procedures can be created or modified dynamically in operation.


Corresponding modules of COOX® range

The operating procedures and process monitoring is carried out by module MESbox PMT module (Production Management & Traceability) of COOX range.

• Runtime software for batch and discreet processes
• Conformity ISA-88/ISA-95
• Graphic modeling of the process without data-processing knowledge
• Ergonomics od control customizable
• Detailed planning of the work orders
• Traceability of the set points and actual value, batch file
• Automatic quantitative adjustment
• Visualization and piloting since any point of the intranet
• Direct link with the traceability of product
• FDA requirements 21 CFR 11

Simple recipes (sent to the PLC as a set of parameters) can be supported by our MESbox SCADA Manufacturing module. By scripting and automating the production cycle, the recipes consisting of a sequence of execution (procedure or bill of operation) will rely on the MESbox PMT module (Process Management & Traceability) of COOX range.

• Display and control from any point on the Intranet
• High performance event processing
• Automatic generation of navigation between views
• Physical or geographical tree structure of equipment
• Object approach and customizable ergonomy
Historization of alarms, measurements and recipe records in standard database
• Supports all automatic control system protocols (Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, OPC, Applicom, TCP/Modbus,...)
• All communication via TCP/IP and OPC