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Why the MES COOX software?

COOX : the Heart of Smart Factory

Connected to your ERP, COOX (COllaborative Operation & eXecution) collects all your production data in real time. They are then analyzed to allow you to plan your production, control quality, obtain the traceability of your products and operations, follow your own performance indicators to react and anticipate breakdowns and hazards in your production instead of suffering them.
Thanks to its innovative modeling technology, COOX adapts to any type of industrial process and any installation configuration. The models (equipment, operations, etc.) are reusable on one or more sites. They contribute to the speed of deployment and the robustness of the applications.

The COOX offer covers all Supervision (SCADA) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) functionalities.
Its structure is modular: you only install the supervision and / or MES modules that you need or in addition to your existing one.
With COOX, you benefit from an unmatched level of integration, time to implement, and overall cost.
COOX combines great flexibility in process control and systematic and exhaustive production traceability (process, material).
The various modules of the COOX solution, called MESbox®, are based on the same platform (COOX® platform) and can be used stand-alone or combined.

Thanks to the completely new design COOX, these functions will be issued directly by the graphic description and the setting of your process - continuous, discrete or batch - through a single construction application tool.


A unique concept – systematic traceability of products and processes: more dynamic, more reliable, flexible and scalable.


With our MESbox extensible modules, a large proportion of your functional needs are configurable with minimal application development..


COOX's data modelling unit allows you to build-up your structural knowledge management by storing analyses from past activity monitors, manufacturing processes and traceability of material and standards.


Get immediate access to your applications from anywhere in the factory and beyond with a web architecture. All your MES and SCADA features are available through a web browser or an web application portal.

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