Historisation and Archiving of applications

A valuable tool in the era of Big Data

The high traceability requirements that weigh on industrial units create increasing data volumes that one must preserve for a significant duration. Preserving all this data online encumbers the performance of the production application without allowing for efficient management and back-up of stored data.


Thanks to the COOX-AM, software for archiving production data,  a fast and planned mechanism for archiving application data is set up and allows you to use applications outside of production in a user-friendly way: a particular tool valuable in the era of Big Data. Designed with a high compression level, it facilitates storage and allows for streamlined management of archives.

The COOX-AM module extends its capabilities to all MESbox packs in the COOX (COllaborative Operation & eXecution) range.

Archive Planner

Accessible for development and operation, the COOX-AM Archive Planner offers many, very simple configuration options for implementing a daily, weekly or monthly database, by specifying the execution time in each case.
The Archive Planner lets you create regular back-ups on the local hard disk or network of your choice. The back-ups gain from a very high compression rate, to the order of 25 times.

Saving an application subset for viewing data

On archiving, a subset of the application accompanies the stored data (simply select the visible archiving views). In this way, you are sure to have the most appropriate man-machine interface tool for viewing data and more perfectly tuned to the physical status of the installation (configuration of equipment, partial views, …) at the time the back-up was created.

Archive Manager

The Archive Manager functions as an assistant that lets you display the current archives at a given location, restore a back-up, then start the restored application. The operations are performed on a server distinct from the production server, for which the physical environment of the installation is not absolutely necessary. Archives can thus be viewed locally at the workshop but without disturbing production, or at any other location where you have stored your back-ups. An archive server can be installed in few minutes.

Using archives with the help of the viewer application

In addition to perfect guarantee of the usability of archived data, the back-up of a subset of the application (consisting of selected views as visible during archiving) creates a viewer application with the same user-friendliness as the initial production application. The data is hence restored in its context and in the most appropriate format (graphs, tables, reports,...). All the business components of the COOX range are in fact designed for using archived data via the archive server similar to production data.

Archiving of applications


The functions are delivered by COOX-AM (Archive Manager) of COOX range.

  • Compressed archiving of application data
  • Automatic integration of a compatible viewing application
  • Archive planner without need for stopping production
  • User-friendly consultation outside production
  • High operational safety