SYNGENTA NANTONG : recipe management, batch execution and production monitoring

Syngenta Nantong

"The MES COOX software is a mature product: the system is basically built through existing modules without additional development work"

Syngenta's in Nantong is one of the largest agrochemical production complexes in China. Founded in 1999 by the Syngenta AG group in Switzerland with an investment of more than 100 million of dollars, it is one of the eight major Syngenta pharmaceutical production plants internationally.

The MES COOX software was chosen for site supervision, manufacturing recipe management, production monitoring and batch management (batch process).
Through the SCADA, PMT and MTG module of COOX, the plant thus has all the relevant information to continuously optimize its production activities while ensuring real-time manufacturing execution

In the near futur, the group plans to move the current site in order to increase its production capacity over a larger area and by adding new equipment.  In terms of MES, the factory plans to equip itself this time with a performance management and production report analysis module.