SYNCHROTRON SOLEIL: supervision of "28 light lines"


"These 28 applications have just been migrated in COOX version 7.01 to 7.02 and this operation lasted a total of 1 and a half days!
No regression or anomaly was found"

At the Paris-Saclay Scientific Center, the SOLEIL Synchrotron is a laboratory under the joint supervision of CNRS and CEA. Built around an electron accelerator, SOLEIL is the national source of synchrotron radiation. It is at the same time a research center and a very large instrument, the purpose of which is to analyze the structure and properties of matter, whatever it may be, up to the scale of the atom. These analyzes are made using synchrotron radiation, an extremely bright light that covers a wide range of wavelengths: infrared, X-rays, visible and UV. Produced 24 hours a day by the electrons circulating in the accelerator, this light is used in 29 "light lines", so many real specialized laboratories, instrumented to prepare and analyze the samples to be studied. Scientists - academic or industrial - from all fields of research (biology, chemistry, physics, astrophysics, archeology ...), come to conduct their experiments at SOLEIL. Multidisciplinary tool, SOLEIL is also a place of sharing of scientific culture with all audiences, welcoming each year several thousand visitors.

28 COOX applications are implemented on the site. On average, it took 30 to 45 minutes for two people to complete all the operations described below: The close collaboration between SOLEIL Synchrotron and ORDINAL Software during this operation allowed: - to upgrade homogeneously and perennially the entire SOLEIL park - to install version 7.02 of COOX on the 28 servers - to update all the applications with the SOLEIL business library - modify all the layers of the 28 applications.

In order to perform this work in the best conditions, a procedure was written and applied to one of the applications, 2 months before the total migration of the park. This application was then put into service on the line and validated by the different users during these 2 months.