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COOX 8 new version

The new COOX 8 version combines all the advantages to allow you to control your process with flexibility and precision.
Social networks: a phenomenal craze

Today, social networks are experiencing an unprecedented success. A few years ago, they could be counted on the fingers of one hand, but over the years, they have developed at a great speed and are now counted by several hundred. Industrial companies are now part of this phenomenon.Even more so today because of the health crisis ans the various periods of lockdown, they are becoming more and more popular since they allow, among other things, to maintain the link with one's contacts, to get information about one's professional environment or even to share the news of one's company.
COOX is on the rise in China!

The  Benek Changshun eco Automotive Interior Materials Co., is part of the CONTINENTAL group, a major German automotive supplier, headquartered in Hanover.
Identified MES projects increase

Face with an unprecedented health crisis, whether according to the INSEE indices for household confidence in the economic situation or those of the BPI with industrialists, the month of April 2020 recorded unprecedented data with a spectacular fall signs of confidence, reflecting general skepticism.
Takt Time & MES : new thinking topic

Takt Time, a trendy term... But what does it mean exactly? What is the difference with the cycle time? What is the relationship with the MES? What advantages for the operator? for the manager?
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