Capitalize on the know-how of your factories!

COOX's (COllaborative Operation & eXecution) equipment and operations modeling technology allows you to store your know-how in equipment operation, execution of operations, traceability and performance analysis in reusable models.

QPI manager synthetic dashboard

It considerably reduces the cost of developing extensions, new workshops or new plants.

Tus, all similar equipment of an installation uses the same model. A model, such as a tank or a machine, integrates several facets:

- Graphical parts
- Operations like heating, Mixing, Pressing, Assembling, but also the traceability of operations.
- The consideration of transfers of material or components from one equipment to another.

The containers are then declared: equipment which contains material, such as, a tank, a miwer, a mill, a buffer stock. We describe the possible paths of the material, for a workshop. We also describe the movement triggers of materials, performance measurements (such as TRS for example), quality test measurements. We finally register the dates of starting up, stops, the causes of stops, the number of scrap and the causes of scrap. And basically it's parametrization! even if we can, of course, extend an application by programming. You only have to do the job once! even if you have dozens of equipments of the same type!

Compared to other solutions on the market, COOX allows a significant gain in the implementation times of a project.
And if you have to equip several factories, all the know-how integrated in the models can be directly reused!