Consulting, training and assistance

The integration of the whole of our offer on platform COOX, as powerful as easy to use, facilitates optimal use of  the development workshop. It results a new offer of effective training curses, often shorter and modular, which guarantee your productivity. These curses are declined in modules enabling you to select by the menu the fields which you wish to look further into.

ORDINAL Software is an Authorized Training Center.

Intra-company training

Possibility of intra-company training. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Consulting, Support and Assistance

To ensure the success of your project, ORDINAL Software not only sets up a simple assistance but a real support structure, steered by a qualified engineering consultant, dedicated to monitoring your project in coordination with your project manager and/or the one designated by the partner.
This support is structured as follows:

Initial advice (2-10 days)

2-10 days

Piloted by a consulting engineer (assisted by the R&D team) in charge of the analysis.

Objectives :
- Reduce the development time of a COOX application
- Ensure the performance and portability of the application from version to version using the best practices of COOX approach.

Project management by ORDINAL (realized on ORDINAL Software site or on the partner site)

Estimated time: 1-2 days

Objective : to understand the project
Content :
- Meeting with the project team of the final user and / or the integrator
- Study of the specifications, information collection

Choice of realization (realized by ORDINAL Software)

Estimated time: 1-5 days

Objective : to choose the best methods of application 's realization. Application design guide.
Content :
- Identification of functions /services to offer
- Distinguo standard product / Customization / specific
- Development of a general model
- Identification of major types of components
- Choice of parameterization, realization, developments

Validation of the application (realized on ORDINAL Software site)

Estimated time: 1 day

Objective : To propose / validate a hardware architecture for the application 
Content :
- Adequacy of the chosen material configuration for the intended functions
- Detailed dimensioning validation (RAM and disk sizes, storage)
- Possible redundancy and replication management
Available (optional) : hardware architecture recommendation

Transfer of analytical competence (realized on partner or customer site)

Estimated time: 1-2 days

Objective : to deliver and explain the design guide
Content :
- Presentation of the studied models 
- Rationale for choices
- Presentation of a methodology for the realization of the Available (optional) : type-documentation "Design guide"
Livrable (optionnel) : Documentation de type “Guide de conception”

Continuous project advice

Duration: Modular rhythm of 2 days per month (minimum)

Throughout the duration of the project or at a significant stage, we advocate the provision of an ongoing consulting resource regularly informed of the progress of your project and of the particular difficulties encountered. A renewable provision will be established for this purpose and planned with a modular rhytm of at least 2 days per month.

In order to adapt to the constraints of your project, our intervention can be done through regularly scheduled follow-up meetings, work meetings, specific research, etc. The accounting of past time will then be carried out on an hourly basis, with a minimum intervention interval of 2 hours.
Objective : regularly provide advice and answer questions from the project team.
Content :
- Advices on COOX (Builder) parameterization, use of standard functions, realization of database extension and additional functions and deployment of the COOX application (Manager).

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