Produce, everything is traced!

A unique concept: systematic traceability of process and products coupled to the process: more dynamic, more reliable, and which follows its evolutions.


Beyond the simple respect of the requirements, you have, with great ease, a unique tool to improve your performance.

In COOX (COllaborative Operation & eXecution), each step of the process (a dosage, a mixture, an assembly, a quality control, an emptying...) is modeled and their sequence is described in the form of a graph that will be automatically rolled out by the software. If this is a manual step, the software will ask the operator to perform the step. If it is an automatic step, it will be sent to the PLC. The instructions and results of each step are plotted automatically in the database. The system is thus able to automatically generate a batch file (or manufacturing history).

At the level of material traceability or components, each transfer is modeled and represented graphically. As soon as it is executed, it is also plotted in a database, associated with the batch of raw material or component, and also with the batch of finished product being manufactured.
By means of the algorithms integrated in the software, we can thus go immediately from a batch of finished product to batches of raw material or of components used to make it (upward genealogy) or to descend from a batch of raw material to batches which used it (downward genealogy).
For example, batches of products having incorporated a defective raw material or component can be removed imediately from the market.