MES software - Manufacturing Execution System & SCADA software

COOX* is an integrated and modular MES + SCADA solution for monitoring, control and optimization of production.
On a unique platform, it delivers as needed, SCADA functions, management of production orders, execution of operations, management of recipes and ranges, traceability of process, genealogy of products and monitoring of material flow, quality control, production performance analysis and Manufacturing Intelligence.

Thanks to the completely new design COOX, these functions will be issued directly by the graphic description and the setting of your proocess - continuous, discrete or batch - through a single construction application tool (Builder).

(*) COllaborative Operation & eXecution - Management and collaborative execution of operations.

COOX® unique features

First software platform designed for manufacturing with ISA-95 data model, services, and object-oriented reusable models


No need for tedious and insecure specific implementation for process and material traceability


Unlimited industrial applications thanks to ready to use extensible SCADA and MES modules


Thanks to Java™ technology, your application can be accessed effortlessly from any point or device


Connectedsynchronised and orchestrated by the MES, the factory of the future has :
- The total flexibility of the production, adapted to the real time demand, maximizing the use of equipments and human resources
- The detailed and systematic traceability, supplying from its execution the set of the manufacturing data of a consignment of products (Actual amount consumed, parameters of regulations, exact composition of products, execution time of the stages, etc.) but also the specific origin of each of the components or the raw material 
- Through the intelligent sensors and through the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), a rich flow of data that the MES is going to contextualize according to the manufacturing orders, equipments, made operations.
- With these transformed data into relevant information and the algorithms of analysis which are burgeoning of the big data, a new horizon for the optimization of the manufacturings and the Manufacturing Intelligence : cost effectiveness, reduction of the material consumption, energy efficiency, adaptation of the production cycles to market expections, etc

You can quickly benefit from these contributions without committing complex transformations : COOX, real Manufacturing Platform, takes charge of these technological innovations and lead you into the Factory of Future.
Make a success of your digital transformation !