Typical applications

ORDINAL Software covers all the industrial IT requirements of supervision, from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to the business application for grain handling. Thus, the references mentioned above are not exhaustive but represent some characteristic applications in different fields.


Standard application : manufacture of beer

Perfect control of a delicate process and the follow-up of manufacture with the COOX platform : MES application which provides supervisory control, production monitoring and products traceability.
The follow-up of production of the breweries goes hand in hand with the important step of Quality which characterizes the agroalimentary sector.
It is much more determining as the market trend of consumption supports increasingly varied products, but of high quality and constant taste. COOX platform, combined with the irreplaceable know-how of the industrialist, allows to achieve these ambitious targets.

Standard applications : dairy process

Thanks to COOX platform, solution of ORDINAL Software, the production monitoring of dairies is easily established, taking part in the important step of Quality, which characterizes this sector. A heavy sector in the food industry, with several hundreds million of litres of milk produced on a worldwide scale, and subjected to strong requirements on food safety.
An irreproachable traceability and an optimization of the production with COOX platform : MES application which provides supervisory control, traceability and production optimization.

Standard application : manufacture of domestic pastries

Thanks to COOX platform, software solution of ORDINAL Software, a ready to use pastry manufacturing plant equipped itself with a data-processing tool of control, monitoring and management of its production based on the use of software components installed on a local network Intranet. It significantly improves the control of its productions. But when all is said and done, success comes from the production line teams which appropriate the tool.
Pastries followed step by step by COOX platform.


Standard application : manufacture of glass

With 110 million tons of glasses produced per year, the industry of glass employs some 400.000 persons in the world. The requirements for quality and the rationalization of the production are considerably facilitated with the installation of the COOX platform. The software package of ORDINAL allows the follow-up of manufacture: from charging the raw materials, up to stacking the glass leafs on the racks.
With COOX, this multi-site applicaion ensures the uploading of production data throughout the world for optimal production monitoring : an ultramodern follow-up for a secular process.

Standard applications : manufacture of cement

With twenty million tons of yearly consumption, the French cement consumption makes of this sector, which employs more than five thousand people, an essential link of the French economy. Thanks to COOX platform, the ORDINAL software solution, both the follow-up and the quality control of production of cements, from the quarry to the finished product, is a reality today.

An optimal quality of the production and conformity to the standards with the COOX platform.