"ASSISES du MES": Saria Industries (bio division industries of Rethmann Group) demonstrates the deployment of the Supervision & MES COOX solution on 26 sites

Conférence Saria

Year after year, the event has enjoyed growing success. For this 12 th edition, nearly 150 visitors came to meet the MES actors, attend the conferences and soak up several feedback from industrialists who have opted for the implementation of an MES.

To all, a big thank you for your presence and your curiosity and again thank you to Cédric Esnaux, Automation and Industrial Computing project manager within SARIA INDUSTRIE for having provided his testimony: the scalability over 9 years of our COOX solution, deployed on 26 sites.

SARIA Industries is one of the leaders in the recovery of biomass.

At the heart of the BIOPROD project to renovate all of its sites, the computer system for real-time management of production was produced on the basis of a COOX MESbox core model from ORDINAL Software with significant functional coverage: management manufacturing orders linked to ERP, operations management, quality controls, process traceability and product genealogy, shipment management, manufacturing intelligence, supervision / command control, etc.

After the initial launch on 3 sites 9 years ago and the deployment on 15 sites 7 years ago, the deployment continued on the other sites. At the same time, the sites already installed continued their functional enrichment through the addition of new core model modules and the upgrade of the standard software on which the project is based.

The conference explains how this continuous improvement of the production tool could be mastered and carried out.

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