Planning - Scheduling - Detailed Planning

Transmitted by the ERP or the  production management  to the MES software, production orders can also be created directly.

 Planning production orders
 Control of their execution
 Real-time visualization of production phases

Production plan

It is important to plan them in time over a suitable period (team, day, week) and to control their execution by automatic launch, or under operator control.

The scheduling or detailed planning supports this function, on which certain constraints can be applied, such as equipment already used or reserved, availability of materials, or carrying out certain preliminary checks.

Detailed Planning – Dispatching Tasks

The MESbox PMT pack has an operating interface for job scheduling that allows you to track all production or planned production orders, either in table form or in graphical form (Gantt chart).


Corresponding modules of COOX® range

These functions are provided by MESbox PMT module (Production Management & Traceability) of  COOX range.

• Runtime software for batch and discreet processes
• Conformity ISA-88/ISA-95
• Graphic modeling of the process without data-processing knowledge
• Ergonomics of control customizable
• Detailed planning of the work orders
• Traceability of the set points and actual value, batch file
• Automatic quantitative adjustment
• Visualization and piloting since any point of the intranet
• Direct link with the traceability of product
• FDA  requirements 21 CFR 11