MES - Manufacturing Execution System software

Editor and designer of MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) for 15 years, ORDINAL Software delivers an integrated and modular intranet offer, which increased tenfold expertise factories.

The business performance is now inseparable from their reactivity in terms of market response, time to design, taking into account the standards and regulations, communication...It is all of these requirements has contributed to the advent of supply MES." (Source : Le club MES)

MES - Manufacturing Execution System software

MES - Manufacturing Execution System (or MOM - Manufacturing Operations Management) is sometimes called production monitoring or workshop supervisory control.

COOX : a modular, integrated and intranet MES software

Between automation and control systems on the one hand and on the other hand ERP, MES provides essential functions of the production system such as the detailed planning, the definition of recipes and product lines, the execution of operations, production traceability (traceability of the process and materials), the management of quality, and performance analysis.  

With COOX® (COllaborative Operations & eXecution), integrated and modular solution for SCADA and MES (Manufacturing Execution System), ORDINAL Software delivers to industrial managers, the ideal solution for manufacturing execution.  

COOX is based on a single platform complying with the ISA-95 standard (connectivity provided with ERP) and the ISA-88 standard, which standardizes and reuse "models" of your plant and your processes.

100% intranet solution (no installation or update for each post), COOX increases agility and efficiency in the execution of production, traceability and performance analysis, with powerful features of MES available from any point in your factory.