Agrifood MES - Meats and Ready Meals

Traceability of course, but also process control

Whenever we talk about the meat and ready-meal industry, the subject of traceability rightfully comes up. The requirements in that arena have significantly increased for the industry, in tune with the rise in consumers' interest in what they eat. Industrialists in this sector, as in many others, are compelled to consider end-to-end traceability, in as much detail as possible, as an absolute must.

Agrifood MES - Meats and Ready Meals

Quality requirements and standards are many and demand exemplary attention to detail and responsiveness. But that is not the only challenge facing those industries. Closer to the core of their businesses, process control - guaranteed by the industrialists' expertise and brand image - is at least as important.

Process control at every step

In the field of meats and ready meals, the processes are characterized by multiple steps, both manual and automated, with each step involving specific know-how that is very often linked to the history of the company itself, which is important to reproduce and preserve, even as production methods evolve. For example, a cooking step will demand perfect control over temperatures and cooking times, adapt to product quantities and recipes. Remembering and reapplying that expertise at different production sites is possible today, thanks to advanced recipe control, which sends precise manufacturing instructions to the automated and human operators and records the corresponding measured values.

Your COOX MES can handle the sequencing of your various operations, as well as checking their execution. Thanks to temperature, pressure and speed recordings, the "data sheet" tracks the batch currently in production, throughout the entire process: rigorous tracking, production optimization, maximum productivity and greater process control, so as to be able to respond to increasingly elastic demand.

Functionalities of your MES software

These powerful features of your COOX MES software will provide you with a fast return on investment:

• Views and management from anywhere on the intranet site
• High-performance event handling
• Automated generation of navigation between views
• Physical or geographic equipment tree
• Object-based approach and personalizable ergonomics
• Alarm and measurement logs and recipe data sheets in a standard database
• Support for all automation protocols (Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, OPC, Applicom, TCP/Modbus, etc.) and all communications over TCP/IP et OPC
• Runtime software for batch and discreet processes
• ISA-88 / ISA-95 compliance
• Graphic process modeling with no IT knowledge
• Detailed planning of manufacturing orders
• Traceability of instructed and actual values, and batch files
• Upward and downward product traceability (genealogy)
• Automated traceability and presentation of results in summary or detailed form
• Modeling of containers and material transfers
• Tree view of process flows
• Tracking of shop inventories of raw materials and products
• Operation from any point on the intranet
• FDA 21 CFR 11 compliance
• Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
• Operational availability
• Efficiency
• Quality rate
• Mean time between failures (MTBF)
• Mean time to repair (MTTR)
• Personalized indicators
• Automatic acquisition or manual entry of shutdowns and rejects