Become COOX OEM Partner : What added value?

Integrate our production monitoring solutions into your machines or into your turnkey installation and reinforce your customer satisfaction.




A solution quite particularly adapted to your OEM needs...

By integrating directly COOX production monitoring solution, you will benefit of numerous advantages as machine builder or turnkey installation manufacturer. Thanks to innovative approach of our object technology you can reuse the implemented modules in your first application or in the next ones and achieve them on a record time :

- Accelerated control
- Easy to integrate
- Fastest and more efficient deployment

A way to differentiate in an increasingly competitive market! With COOX you build a specific solution dedicated to your target industry. Thus, COOX allows reducing significantly time and deployment costs immediately from your second application. A very efficient way to obtain a quick Return On Investment! (ROI)

And a solution that satisfy entirely your own customers

How can your end customer not be satisfied when you exactly and quickly meet his need with a modular, coherent and scalable solution? Thanks to a generic and dedicated application, it will be much easier to your customer to use and maintain it.

Beyond the simple control of your machine, you can offer your customers the real-time measurement of its performance and the traceability of its operation.
You OEM, you can assure your customers a solution which benefits from a technological maturity, continuously scalable, helping them in their digital transformation and thus you increase the added value perceived. Upon a functional wealth on the basis of a standard, durable and flexible solution, you bring them a high level of personalization.

You also have the means to give them objective elements on the real performance of the machine! For example, imagine that the theorical cadence is not reached. Thanks to the events traceability, your customer can immediatly identify what has an impact on the performance of the machine (lack of material, defective materials...) and will thus have the means to improve its own performance.

Finally and especially, you can keep control on your own marketing model: all the conditions are gathered for a Win-win result!