A new version "COOX Chameleon 7.01" is born !

A strong scalability with controlled risk

With the launch of this new Chameleon Series 7, ORDINAL Software puts forward a new product strategy.

A new version "COOX Chameleon 7.01" is born !

More dynamic, this product strategy will result in the release of several versions at a faster pace, with regular addition of capacity, with more responsive customer need's coverage, while respecting the legitimate caution of integrators and end users, at each change version.
For this, each new version will systematically integrate a complete conversion (automatic conversion of standard features, compatibility or conversion of standard API, compatibility or automated conversion of bases...) and seamlessly benefit from the new capabilities.
This dynamicity will allow companies, among others, to achieve a faster return on investment.


Integrated functions :

- Windows Server 2012 64-bit compatibility
- SQL 2012 and 2014 compatibility
- Dozens of developments already integrated to COOX 7.01 Chameleon
- Windows 10 support for clients

Focus on some significant evolutions

- Full review of the interface
- Ergonomic improvements
- Table functionality
- Change of Medium client from 10 to 20 views


SCADA module


- Ability to resize the graphics plotter to enlarge the area of the tags'list to bulletin board
- Optimization of recorder statistics queries processing for faster display history curves
- Sorting of tags'list proposed in the recorder
- Thickness option for curves of the tracer
- Possibility to choose a preset zoom for the plotter (1, 7, 14 or 30 days)


PMT module


- More accuracy in units allowances logs by batches
- Better management of a resource's delation in the Batch builder
- Possibility filtering and sorting by procedure and recipe on the history manufacturing component
- Improved robustness of synchronisation between Batches
- New option to set the work order's sorting for Manufacturing's Execution and Monitoring Procedures components
- Viewing names and versions of the recipe in Manufacturing's Execution component

MTG module


- New option that optimizes the equipment traceability data (volume)
- In Genealogy component, added option to set by default ascending or descending display
- Optimization traceability transfer (gain X 50)