Industrial traceability - Process traceability - Material traceability

Industrial traceability in a factory or workshop covers two major domains:
- Process traceability 
- Material traceability or product traceability

Industrial traceability - Process traceability - Material traceability

Process traceability

Process traceability involves tracing all the process parameters while the process is running.These include the input parameters for each operation (such as the quantities to use, the manufacturing specifications, adjustments, and theoretical speeds); the actual parameters for those operations (such as the quantities that were indeed used, actual speeds, or weights measured); and any events or alarms that occurred during the process (such as excessive temperature, motor cut-outs, or insufficient stirring speed).
You can record these parameters for each product batch: this is called the batch history or batch file.
By modeling your plant and operations in the COOX MESbox PMT module, you can use native traceability procedures to create an electronic batch file without any custom programming.

Material or product traceability

Material traceability or product traceability, also known as materials genealogy or material flow tracking, traces the transfer of materials within a plant by recording all the attributes of each material and any transformations carried out by assembly, mixing, or chemical reaction. These attributes concern materials (raw materials, intermediate materials, or products), categories (powders, liquids, metals, etc.), properties (density, hygrometry, etc.), supplier batches, quantities, etc.
Product genealogy or ascending genealogy starts with a finished product and determines the batches of raw materials or components used to produce it, as well as all their attributes (supplier, physical or chemical characteristics, etc.).
Conversely, raw materials genealogy or descending genealogy starts with a raw materials batch and determines all the batches of finished goods that use it. Should a problem arise with a given raw materials batch, you can immediately block all the product batches involved and then identify and remove them.
The COOX MESbox MTG module natively tracks a plant's material flows by modeling all the equipment containing the materials (containers), transfers between containers, and any operations involving them (stacking, mixing, transformation). One of its features is to provide real-time information on the inventory of workshops and its location, and enable both ascending and descending product genealogy.