SARIA Industries - Application on fifteen sites

"Anticipating the strictest requirements in terms of safety, quality and traceability, while improving the performance level of its facilities : the SARIA case study"

SARIA Industries - Application on fifteen sites


SARIA Industries - SARIA Group sites have integrated the COOX solution. This modular solution has enabled us to move forward in accordance with the needs of each site.

The COOX platform and many of its MES modules were installed on a dozen industrial sites SARIA Industries : SCADA, control of the manufacturing process, improving performance, tracking and tracing...many answers to regulations imposed by the sector.
Indeed, the development of biomass is a growing field, benifiting from the more general framework of a better use of the planet's resources. But this growth is accompanied by increasing demands in terms of safety, quality and traceability.
The group SARIA Industries, a subsidiary of the German RETHMANN family group, has decided to renovate and extend many of its existing systems to incorporate features of MES.

Synthesis of content

Subsidiary of the German RETHMANN family group, SARIA Industries collects and values ​​co-products from the food chain.
SARIA is also engaged in the production of alternative energy by developing several units of biogas and working on creating a plant for biodiesel made from animal fat and used cooking oil.
SARIA processes every year more than 1.3 million tons of material in 18 factories in France.
All sites are ISO 22000 certified or about to be.
More than 30 M€ are spent each year in investments for the improvement of industrial processes.

Julien Millot - SARIA - Site Manager
We are on the site at VALAB Trémorel, which is a pork category 3 co-processing site, i.e. actually the fifth quarter.

Thomas Verdelhan - SARIA - Industrial Director
In 2008, we identified two problems. On the one hand, we observed that several pieces of equipment and process control tools were obsolete on a number of sites.

Julien Millot - SARIA - Site Manager
We were facing a serious issue, which was that automation was ageing ...

Thomas Verdelhan - SARIA - Industrial Director
And on the other hand, our customers insistently requested a complete traceability of our products.
To meet that dual observation, we set up a project that would address this dual requirement for the entire SARIA group. The Bioprod project was born.
Initially, we selected three pilot sites: the site of ALVA Rezé, the site of SOVAPAAC in Saint-Hervé, and VALAB site at Trémorel, where we are today.
These sites then had a number of features that could allow to further distribute the project across the SARIA Group.
Secondly, after a tender, we selected the OET company which brought us the software solution COOX from ORDINAL Software.

Julien Millot - SARIA - Site Manager
The VALAB site was really a pilot site, since we had no experience with COOX solution from ORDINAL. We also had to integrate COOX with a new system of PLCs. So all this generated many constraints, a heavy load of team work up-stream, with a project manager who gathered all the information and had to have from the very beginning the most extensive view of the system.

Cédric Esnaux - SARIA - Project Manager Bioprod
COOX solution was chosen because we were looking for a standard solution that would not make us depend on integrators. The decisive criteria for the choice of COOX solution are the ease to integrate its tools, the capability to model our equipment and processes, the possibility to use these models easily during an integration to other sites regardless of their size and also the use of the flexible Java language to develop our gateways between MES and the ERP.

Thomas Verdelhan - SARIA - Industrial Director
We developed the solution on the 3 pilot sites and after an 18 month validation period, we started deploying it across the complete SARIA Group.
All plants are different, but are based on common process elements. COOX allowed us to standardize those process elements, and then deploy them quite easily on other sites.

Julien Millot - SARIA - Site Manager
We have developed the complete laboratory analysis which is now integrated as well as the consumable part. This allows for the most extensive traceability, thus providing for our customers a traceability assurance, almost immediate and complete.

Bernard Chauvet - SARIA - Maintenance Manager and Production
We have a very efficient tool to analyze and improve the operation of our facilities. Recipes can be changed or not according to the users’ profile, allowing to make tests and improvements without interfering with the operators’ driving habits.

Thomas Verdelhan - SARIA - Industrial Director
Moreover, we have developed on the basis of standard tools in COOX a bunch of features that dialogue with our surrounding computer tools and especially our ERP to deploy all that concerns flow management and transfer of materials.

Delphine Lebarre - SARIA - QSE (Quality)
Based on customers’ orders, the QA department prepares in advance production orders in accordance with the specifications of each customer. Operators can run autonomously production orders with a guarantee for the QA department that important parameters are being respected.

The destination of silos being selected in advance, the QA department knows exactly which product is in each silo. The operator collects the sample, analyses it in the laboratory and analysis results will be directly associated with the batch number. According to the results, the batch may be blocked or not, and the results will be shown on the customer analysis report.

Catherine Capes - SARIA - Versatile Worker
With the bar code assigned by the system, each big bag produced is identified and registered in stock. The use of the barcode reader for truck loading enables editing a packing list, ensures that the load is in line with the customer's order and keeps the inventory up to date. Loading errors are no longer possible.

Thomas Verdelhan - SARIA - Industrial Director
The COOX solution is ideally suited to our project. It has allowed us to define a core model which is a tool kit that can be used on different sites and handed over to integrators for re-use in new projects.
Today, 15 SARIA Group sites have integrated the COOX solution. This modular solution has enabled us to move forward in accordance with the needs of each site.