Thinking topics

Some thematic information that will help you better understand Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and its implementation.

MOM vs MES (Manufacturing Operation Management / Manufacturing Execution System)

Opinions are very divided when it comes to clearly distinguishing between MES and MOM.
Some think that the MES is a subset of the MOM, while others are of the opinion that they describe different functional spaces; still others think they describe exactly the same thing...


Lean Manufacturing & MES : friends or foes ?

Lean Manufacturing has become very popular in recent years, as a result of the initial success of its methods in the Japanese automotive industry and a climate of fiscal restraint, where the idea of “lean” was obviously widely accepted.

With the goal of making things easier and more efficient, Lean Manufacturing was first seen as the natural enemy of heavy and expensive IT systems, a category in which the systems of the Manufacturing Execution System could be wrongly classified. But are Lean and MES really enemies? 

Industry 4.0, factory of the future, factory 4.0, smart factory...

"Industry 4.0", "factory of the future", "factory 4.0" and "smart factory" are just some of the terms used to refer to this new factory model born of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the successor to the first three major evolutionary phases qualified as revolutions: mechanization, industrialization and automation.

For or against the integration of a batch engine ?

Most integrators in our industry believe that integrating a batch engine results in higher costs in terms of licenses and development.
Also, unless the end user requests a "batch engine" or a "ISA-88 standard", they often prefer to carry out additional specific developments, on the basis of a supervisor, in which they only use the recipe mechanism.
Is it justified ?

Is the language of your industrial application important ?

Starting with only a dozen or so in the early 1980s, programming languages have multiplied since then, now easily exceeding 100. There is abundant literature on the subject, which has earned its spot in large bookstores, alongside math, physics, economics, history, philosophy and the humanities. 

SCADA and MES : the pyramids 'secret

The debate on the dividing line between ERP and MES, which indeed is variable depending on the processes and even the industrial’s choices, scarcely go beyond arbitrage duties on the management of units’ stocks and the products manufacturing recipes. 

MES - Manufacturing Execution System software

Editor and designer of MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) for 15 years, ORDINAL Software delivers an integrated and modular intranet offer, which increased tenfold expertise factories.
"The business performance is now inseparable from their reactivity in terms of market response, time to design, taking into account the standards and regulations, communication...It is all of these requirements has contributed to the advent of supply MES. (Source : Le club MES) 

Coordination of the ERP & the MES

Some customers ask themselves if ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are playing the same role. They thus challenge the opportunity to install an MES system after their ERP system has been installed. Actually MES systems have been designed to cooperate with ERP systems.