Special Offer : Education

"Accompanying the industry's digital transformation by reinforcing students' skills in MES and SCADA on web platforms"

Special Offer : Education

For its Education project, Ordinal Software has set itself the goal of encouraging teachers and students in the technical sector to adopt the new management skills and innovative technologies that will be necessary to the industry of the future (smart objects, IoT, etc.).

To support teachers’ educational programs and approaches, Ordinal Software wants to provide teaching faculty with a learning tool that is vocational, up-to-date, representative and appropriate for the challenges that industrial companies face today.
The industrial world is changing, and the future major players of industry 4.0 need to be familiar with a proficient in the levers that will allow them to successfully handle the digital transformation and the modernization of their production facilities.

This will give teachers an effective educational tool that:

  • represents the state of the art in SCADA and production monitoring that is quick and easy to set up without a custom install;
  • enables students to work on industrial issues in groups;
  • is not a black box, but does give students access to the principles and methods of modeling and processing;
  • showcases their skills through projects that deliver tangible results; and
  • allows them to take control of their professional careers by helping them manage technological and organizational change.

This teaching tool provides them with the best information technologies, taking account of the latest requirements specific to the industrial sector, in terms of performance and reliability, in real time.
It includes 25 licenses to use the software program COOX, all of its modules (called MESboxes) and regular updates to them, in the form of an annual subscription, plus basic training for the teacher on using COOX.

The COOX range is completely integrated and modular. Its functional and business MESbox modules meet the needs of relevant functionalities, ease of use and implementation.
At the end, the students will be better-equipped, seasoned and prepared for the realities of the field and their future work lives.