Real-time control and production monitoring

MES Software

Also known as production monitoring or workshop monitoring, workshop supervisory control, production supervision or manufacturing follow-up, the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a production control system which incorporates according to the MESA the 11 core functions of information processing and operations management within a production site.

SCADA system - Workshop supervisory control

Industrial supervision (SCADA) and workshop supervisory control (also known as workshop tracking) provide a real-time view of your plant operations. You obtain an overview of all the specifications and adjustments, and immediately receive alerts in the event of a fault or alarm.


MES - Manufacturing tracking - Workshop tracking

Manufacturing Execution Systems, Manufacturing tracking and Workshop tracking systems put you in control of all the steps of your production process, from work orders generated by your ERP or management system to product storage and shipping.


Industrial traceability - Process traceability - Material traceability

Industrial traceability in a factory or workshop covers two major domains:
- Process traceability 
- Material traceability or product traceability


Quality and industrial performance

Quality and industrial performance are part of the for continuous improvement of manufacturing processes (TPM approach ; Total Productive Management). Understanding, monitoring and improving the process are key challenges for Production Managers.


Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

Manufacturing Intelligence, which can be considered the Business Intelligence (BI) applied to manufacturing data, allows you to collect data related to the manufacture of all your plant, collect within the information system of your business and treat them as graphs, status or reports.