Production Monitoring (MES) and Supervision (SCADA)

ORDINAL Software offers, with its COOX range, an integrated production control and monitiring solution, able to cover all control and monitoring software needs of manufacturing in a scalable way.


MES - MOM - Real time production monitoring - Workshop control

COOX : the Heart of Smart Factory

Called production monitoring, workshop control, production supervision or manufacturing follow-up, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the heart of the smart factory.
It allows to control and optimize all stages of the production, from the orders of manufacture coming from ERP or your management system, until the storage or the shipment of the products. It also allows you to control the performance of your installations through performance and quality indicators such  as OEE.


SCADA system - SCADA Software - Workshop supervisory control

Supervisory control, oriented manufacturing allowing to integrate MES (production monitoring) functions without specific developement and in a transparent way.

Industrial supervision (SCADA system) and supervisory control of your installation are an essential component of the control of your production. Ensuring communication with your PLCs and equiments, offering your operators optimum piloting ergonomics, are characteristics inherent in a powerful industrial supervision software.


Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

Manufacturing Intelligence, which can be considered the Business Intelligence (BI) applied to manufacturing data, allows you to collect data related to the manufacture of all your plant, collect within the information system of your business and treat them as graphs, status or reports.


High availability of applications

Services redundancy & Database replication

The availability of your COOX application is essential. To warn you of a fault on one of the application servers, the COOX-RS module offers you redundancy of system and application services and database replication through the installation of one or more secondary servers which will take over in the event of a problem.


Mobility : industrial applications on tablets and smartphones

The COOX range has been designed for the intranet. Developed entirely in Java, it has a distributed services architecture that allows it to fit any industrial application, so reduced to a single machine or deployed to a complete plant.


Historisation and Archiving of applications

The high traceability requirements that weigh on industrial units create increasing data volumes that one must preserve for a significant duration. Preserving all this data online encumbers the performance of the production application without allowing for efficient management and back-up of stored data.