Quality and industrial performance

Quality and industrial performance are part of the for continuous improvement of manufacturing processes (TPM approach ; Total Productive Management). Understanding, monitoring and improving the process are key challenges for Production Managers.

Quality and industrial performance

Key Performance Indicators - Monitoring production quality

To optimize quality and performance, you need to gather information either manually or automatically, and to process and consolidate it into a structured database.
By calculing measures such as the OEE, MTBF, or MTTR, manufacturers can generate Key Performance Indicators, reports, and assessments in an appropriate format for distribution to all operators and managers.

Statistical Process Control

SPC uses techniques such as incoming inspection, Pareto charts, and capability checks to determine the steps required to improve any industrial production process.
The purpose of online production control is to obtain stable production and to minimize the number of products non-compliant with specifications.
Quality control is “dynamic” : it focuses on long-term monitoring instead of isolated, instantiated results.
The MESbox QPI module handles all these functions by harnessing powerful yet easy-to-use technologies. For instance, it generates tables and graphs in Microsoft Excel format and delivers them in real time to all the clients on the intranet.

Like all MESbox modules, MESbox QPI has access to the entire model of the COOX platform and works seamlessly with all other MESbox modules.