MES - Manufacturing tracking - Workshop tracking

Manufacturing Execution Systems, Manufacturing tracking and Workshop tracking systems put you in control of all the steps of your production process, from work orders generated by your ERP or management system to product storage and shipping.

MES - Manufacturing tracking - Workshop tracking

These manufacturing system software manage a wide range of activities including the reception of raw materials and associated quality inspection procedures, real-time scheduling and execution tracking of the various manufacturing operations, product quality control, and global performance measurement, not to mention end-to-end traceability of both materials and processes.

Recipe and bill of operations management - Formulas and BOMs

Product definitions are crucial for controlling your production. These definitions can either be sent by your ERP or CAPM systems, or defined directly in the MES. You need to define the recipes comprising both a manufacturing procedure (bill of operations) and a list of ingredients (formula). For discrete processes, the preferred term is components list or bill of materials (BOM). This rigorous definition provides the basis for controlling production. Our MESbox SCADA Manufacturing module manages simple recipes (sent to the PLC as a single stage), while MESbox PMT is designed for recipes containing a sequence of steps (procedure or bill of operations).

Scheduling - Detailed planning

Work orders and production orders are usually sent to the MES by the ERP or the CAPM.
They can also be created directly in the MES (e.g. if the ERP is undergoing maintenance). It is important to schedule them over a suitable period (team, day, week) and to contol their execution either by launching them automatically or under operator supervision.
Scheduling or detailed planning functions perform this task. Certain constraints may apply, such as equipment previously used or reserved, the availability of materials, or the completion of certain preliminary tests. The MESbox PMT module provides these functions.

Flexibility - Process execution engine

Manufacturers often need to optimize the execution of their production process (to execute several orders in parallel, or run several preparatory phases at the same time). They must also be able to react to uncertainties arising during execution, such as unavailable equipment or raw materials. This requires a full-fledged execution engine able to orchestrate your production according to rules you have defined. This type of engine, compliant with the ISA-88 standard, is a standard feature of our MESbox PMT module.

The COOX platform meets all your priority production tracking requirements and provides all the necessary data structures and services. You only need to configure the modules.

With MESbox PMT you can easily model your production process and obtain traceability without additional programming. MESbox MTG immediately delivers both ascending and descending genealogy of raw material batches (material traceability), finished goods and raw materials based on the definition of your plant’s physical flows. MESbox QPI includes the features for setting up quality controls and tracking quality and performance at your plant.

MESbox modules are designed to be fully configurable. You can use them either as stand-alone or combined modules since they share the same definition of the physical plant and of the production process. The COOX platform eliminates any additional integration chores.