COOX Chameleon 7.02 new version

COOX version 7.02 will be released in September. In addition to a sophisticated and attractive ergonomics, this new version includes several new features, including two significant improvements : extending the multilingual perimeter and enriching the business components.

As a reminder, within the framework of the strategy of evolution implemented just over a year ago, ORDINAL Software engages with its customers to two main actions : 

- Deliver powerful evolutions to its customers while ensuring irreproachable reliability and stability with every change of version (direct and exhaustive conversion of the application).
- Ensure a dynamicity in the pace of release of the versions, allowing them a faster return on investment. We understand that by continuously bringing new capabilities, we could respond more quickly to our customers' needs and this new version 7.02 is fully in line with this strategy.

Main news

Among the main innovations, we can cite in particular two major contributions that are the enrichment of the operating business components and the extension of the multilingual perimeter.
COOX is already equipped with the ability to translate application resources (Title, static text, button...) as well as data from the database (Alarm History and Events, Batch History...). But until now, the names of the objects were presented in a limited format (XV_12) or in a single language of development.

Business Component Recipes Management

gestion des recettes

The label (name used by operators to designate an object of production, such as an equipment, an operation...) is now multilingual. The description (longer description of an object) is also multilingual. With version 7.02, for example, the operator can display a lighter label (Valve 12) and also, in the desired language (Valve 12). Version 7.02 provides better control over the display of information and allows users not accustomed to the installation (interim, holiday periods or fixed-term contracts) to access and easily understand it. It is also possible from now on to use either a label or an expression in the visuals.


Phases recipes definition

defiinition des recettes

A. The procedure can be displayed as an expression including its name, label and multilingual description, in consultation and creation.
B. For phase recipes, the phase can be displayed as an expression including its name, label and multilingual description, in consultation and creation.
C. The material produced can be expressed as an expression of the ID and the multilingual description of the material, during the consultation and the creation of the recipe.


 Business Component Procedure Creation

creation de procedure

A. Multilingual expression (ID, label, description) for the names of procedural objects (included in the tree)
B. Adding a multilingual expression (Name, Label, Description) for choosing the base model when creating a procedure
C. Resuming the format of procedural object names in the title bar.


Alarms state



A. Optional display of label Location column


Business Component Phase Control (PhaseControl)

controle des phases


A. Display of units as an ID or multilingual label
B. Formatted display of the phase column expression of the ID, label and multilingual description


Run-time Component (BatchExecution)

batch execution


A. Display of the phase path in ID or multilingual label
B. Lors de l'affectation d'un équipement, option de sélection par ID ou par label multilingue
C. Affichage formaté multilingue du nom des étapes d'exécution
D. Option multilingue incluant la description pour la création d'un OT


Business Component Process Monitoring


A. Multilingual expression to change the name of the tree objects (ID, label, description)
B. Using the formatted name of the procedure for the title
C. Multilingual formatted display of execution steps' name
D. Multilingual option including description for OF 's creation


Business component Batch file (BatchDiary) 

journal des evenements


A. Unit procedures, physical and logical phases can be displayed in 3 distinct columns : ID, label and multilingual description
B. Addition of a new column allowing the display of a multilingual labels path of the equipment
C. Adding Columns - Multilingual description for Recipe and Procedure