Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - SCADA system: MESbox SCADA

Synoptics, variables state, alarm log, tracers, basic recipes (equipment setup), equipment explorer. Basic SPC features (alarm frequency, alarm duration). Includes COOX platform.

No cost for SCADA server


COOX offer is designed to simplify the integration of MES functions in the manufacturing process.
But in many automated systems, it relies heavily on the SCADA. Therefore, impossible to really simplify the effective implementation of MES functions without integrating a SCADA module.
This is what we did in the offer COOX with SCADA Premium module, which represents the state of the art in supervision: Synoptic not limited in size with zoom and pan, measurement recorders in database with different methods of sampling and purging, multitrack virtual plotter operating either real time and from the historian, event and alarms multi criterion logs, equipment object model grouping functional and visual parts, etc.
All these features benefit of course of all the capabilities of the COOX platform.
But the acquisition of this module could be an obstacle in relation to the implementation of traditional monitoring solutions and ultimately lead to a less effective integration of MES functions.
We wanted to remove that entry barrier and thus make you benefit from the Premium SCADA server at no cost.

Unlimited variables (tags)


These features would be of course of little use for you if it was accompanied by a limitation of the number of controlled variables.
Also SCADA Premium server manages unlimited number of variables. Our promise to offer an integrated offering covering SCADA and MES from the machine panel to complete installation is very concrete: starting € 850*, you have a comprehensive SCADA system for your machine that can handle thousands of variables with historian on database, and ready to receive other MES modules (production orders management, performance analysis, ...) or to integrate into a wider COOX architecture of MES with several dozen intranet clients.

* COOX platform, MESbox SCADA Premium unlimited variables, Client 5 views, 1 year included maintenance, outside hardware equipment and communication solutions.

The industrial supervision anf the control of your installations are an essential component of the control of your production. To ensure the communication with your automats and equipment, to offer to your operators ergonomics of optimal control, are characteristics inherent in an industrial powerful SCADA software. But the time, when the supervision consisted of a simple carry forward with the screen of information ground and a convivial interface is over. Today, it is essential that the data collected by your SCADA software are integrated in a structured organization of all your data of production, and exploitable by all the actors of your company, without being obliged to reconsider this organization with each addition of equipment in your workshops. It is there that the COOX* platform and the packs MESbox SCADA and SCADA Manufacturing, come into play.

• Visualization and piloting since any point of the Intranet
• Treatment even-driven SCADA high efficiencies
• Automatic generation of navigation betweeen the views
• Physical or geographical tree structure of the equipment
• Explorer of equipment removing times of development of the sights of maintenance
• Approaches object and ergonomics customizable
• Historisation of alarms, measurements and cards of receipts on standard database
• Support of all the protocols automats (Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, OPC, Applicom, TCP/Modbus,...)
• All communications by TCP/IP and OPC
• Link with ERP (SAP...)

The objective of module SCADA Manufacturing is to allow the implementation of a piloting in real time of the manufacturing by reducing the loads of development significantly. Among the functions of SCADA Manufacturing :
• Definition/launching of the receipts
• Launching and follow-up of orders of production
• History of the batches and traceability of the process