Quality Performance & Indicators - OEE calculation & monitoring: MESbox QPI

Continuously improving the quality of your products and the performance of your industrial equipment requires relevant analytical tools and indicators. 
With the MESbox QPI pack, you have a powerful calculation and monitoring module for OEE, Overall return, MTBF, MTTR, Quality rate... and all associated indicators, as well as the ability to easily create your own production performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators).
The MESbox QPI pack is indeed based on a universal processing chain that uses all of the data from the COOX® platform.

Industrial processes' optimization

Set up in record time, the MESbox QPI pack collects the data automatically or manually through user customizable interfaces.
Its user-friendly analysis tools are accessible from any point of your Intranet network and allow you to set up an effective quality management and quickly identify new sources of productivity in your process : ensuring continuous improvement for your production (TPM - Total Productive Management approach).

Dissemination and analysis of your production information, also call EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) is an essential link for tracking manufacturing.
EMI module's functions benefit from the simplicity of use and the power of Microsoft Excel to create your real-time graphs and reports.
Longer reports are published in PDF format with chapters and sections.

The MESbox QPI pack includes the COOX® platform, which allows you to expand its capabilities beyond performance analysis to all areas of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and supervision (SCADA & MES Software). It is based on an open relational model compliant with ISA-95 standard.

OEE monitoring

From information acquired automatically (from a PLC or IO device) or manually, the MESbox QPI pack directly calculates OEE, overall return and all of their reference time and provides :

  • Operational availability that identifies and seeks to reduce the plant's availability losses
  • The performance rate that identifies and seeks to reduce performance losses such as drop rate or machine defect
  • The quality rate that identifies and seeks to reduce quality's losses (rejects, restatements).

The MESbox QPI also provides standard indicators as MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) or MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).
The calculations for all these indicators are customizable.

In automatic mode, the OPC, TCP/MODBUS and Applicom/Woodhead/Molex communications are provided standard. The data collected (results of quality controls, product counts, materials consumptions, etc.) are recorded automatically in a standard database.

The module allows the extraction of dataaccording to different criteria : time, day, week, month, team, batches, production orders...
The indicators and states diffuser section disseminates real-time performance indicators on the intranet and instantly creates PDF and high level graphical reports.

Clear analysis reports by batches, time period or product available anytime, electronically or printer edited.

Real-time graph display

The MESbox QPI pack gives you direct access to the database template, and sets up customized filters. Graphs completely tailored to your needs (tables, histograms, and 2D or 3D sector diagrams, etc.), information such as quality, shutdown distribution, materials or consumables assessment, or operating time analyses, are distibuted on the entire Intranet and accessible to the users concerned.

Business component integrated in report generation

The MESbox QPI pack gives you a business component (ready to use visual) for report generation, which is integrated in a application view. This multi-use component lets you generate a report in several formats.
The most classical format is the PDF format, but you can also generate an Excel™ table or a text file.
The options contribute a dynamic configuration of the report at the time of execution, for which the capacities are almost unlimited : start and end date of report, selection of production batches, selection of a precise property for which you want to print the monitoring...etc.

Excel graphs and tables server

The capacities of the MESbox QPI module do not stop there. The processes take advantage of Excel’s capacities in server mode for generating configurable graphs and reports.
From any local network or Web client of your installation, you can have dynamic graphs formulated based on a report template and represented by an Excel graph.
This type of a graph can be configured as easily as a PDF report template and it has the same capacities : access to the full data template, filters, execution options.

Technical architecture

The MESbox QPI pack includes the COOX® platform, which allows you to expand its capabilities beyond performance analysis to all areas of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and supervision (SCADA & MES Software). It is based on an open relational model compliant with ISA-95 standard.



A unique concept – systematic traceability of products and processes: more dynamic, more reliable, flexible and scalable.



With our MESbox extensible modules, a large proportion of your functional needs are configurable with minimal application development.



COOX’s data modelling unit allows you to build-up your structural knowledge management by storing analyses from past activity monitors, manufacturing processes and traceability of material and standards.



All of the modules within COOX are built upon one unique and core platform ensuring that you meet all your manufacturing needs with just one software.