Material Tracking & Genealogy: MESbox MTG

Material tracking in equipments, descendant & ascendant genealogy, real time inventory. Includes COOX platform.

To guarantee the quality of their products and to satisfy the laws that are becoming more and more stringent, the agro-food, the chemical, pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous manufacturing industries must have efficient product traceability. To immediately identify the material batches comprising a finished product, or products using a component involved, are indispensable assets today.

The MESbox MTG pack helps you set up very high level immediate product traceability quickly that can satisfy the current requirements and anticipating their flows. It can be connected to other packs from the COOX line, especially the MESbox SCADA (supervision) and PMT (production execution) in order to build a complete workshop follow-up solution.  

Modeling containers & transfers – Physical paths in the installation

The MESbox MTG pack recreates in real time the path of raw materials and products in your plant, based on simple notions of container and transfer, as well as on the graphical description of physical links between the plant elements (topology).  Then, it is enough to indicate to the system the devices playing the role of material container and the operations leading to a conversion or a transfer of material so that it automatically locates the products in the plant and immediately recreates the process with time and date stamp and identification of batches. The model is applicable for the identification technology of batches of raw materials or products (barcode, DataMatrix, RFID, …).

Ascending and desending genealogy

If a quality check reveals a fault in the raw material, the question to ask is which manufactured products have used this supply batch. This is "descending" genealogy. On the other hand, if a fault is detected in a batch of delivered products, we would like an "ascending" trace to demonstrate a possible fault in the production (defective raw material, inadequate mixing temperature, cycle times not respected, ...).
The MESbox MTG pack integrates specialized components that answer these questions without specific development and provide an immediate answer to the user.

Detail genealogy - Route of batches

If the result obtained by the genealogy of a batch seems abnormal, you have a detailed mode that recreates the complete route in a tree structure, e.g. from raw material involved to the final product. Each conversion or transfer operation involved is identified, with the date and time, the quantity of the relevant material, the source and target devices. The complete route is provided, even if names and numbers of different batches are attributed to intermediate materials. This information is stored in databases and could be viewed and archived for long periods.

Equipment traversed by a batch

The MESbox MTG pack immediately provides information on the list of equipment traversed by a batch. The search is performed downstream (raw material batch) or upstream (finished product batch). There too, a detailed mode is available to understand the route traveled in the installation at a much finer level. If this configuration is preserved, note that the genealogy manages the storage in container equipment from the passage of a contaminating material until the explicit validation of the cleanliness of the equipment.

Maintenance of workshop stocks

At any time, it is possible to locate a batch or a sub-batch of material in the plant, with all its properties. The transfer operations declared in the modeling are used without need for specific programming to update the workshop stocks, i.e. the stocks included in the declared equipment of the plant, whether it pertains to raw materials, finished products or intermediate materials.