ORDINAL Software, french softwares editor intended for industry for more than 20 years, has known with the wire of time to optimize and refine his experiment, his know-how and his expertise in order to fulfill waitings and the specific requirements of certain branches of industry, and in particular agroalimentary industry.

Milk industry

Natural, basic food, milk which we consume every day is nevertheless the object of important transformations. And it is not only about packaging or marketing. In fact, the milk undergoes many treatments, from its collect to finished products, delivered to the consumer by convenience stores or hypermarkets.

Today, widely automated, the dairy processes are characterized by high rates of production and big necessity of production costs’ control by planning,  change of recipes’ time control and the analysis of performance.


Pastes and cookies

In the processing industries, the production lines must be controlled and supervised efficiently in order to fulfill the very high requirements in terms of quality and food traceability.

That it either because the factory functions in tended flow, with very important radial forces, or because one deals with a living matter, with a fresh produce without conservative nor additive (domestic pastry cooled rolled for example), the constraints which weigh on the device of production are very strong.
One passes from traceability “matters” (flour of such quality resulting from such supplier) to a traceability “produced” (labeled batches from a  number to another number).


Animal nutrition

The french Petfood industry is today the first industry of agri-business, ahead of fertilisers and phyto-sanitary products and the third industry of agri-food sector, after milk and meat.

Either in the feeding of poultry or pigs (production animals), in fish feeding production (fish meal, animals protein derived...) or in nutritional components production for pets or in animal waste recovery, industries of this sector have enriched themselves with main advanced technologies while ensuring that regulatory, sanitory and environmental requirements  were strictly respected.