COOX & mobile clients' implementation

The COOX range has been designed for the intranet. Developed entirely in Java, it has a distributed services architecture that allows it to fit any industrial application, so reduced to a single machine or deployed to a complete plant.
One of the new features is to provide access to views of a CCOX application on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), wirelessly, by visualization and/or control and this, without additional development !
This new technology offers actually greater flexibility : any operator can now access the desired information at the right time.

COOX & mobile clients' implementation

The development of applications for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets...) became, in a few years, a considerable challenge for companies in terms of productivity, quality and security.
Furthermore, the energy independence of the tablets, their starting speed and small footprint make them more suitable for certain uses that the laptop.

Now available on mobile devices, your COOX applications can be controlled wirelessly from your tablet or smartphone.
A new technology that allows any operator to access the required information in real-time :  monitoring and controlling production, be alerted in case of malfunction, collect genealogy materials and process traceability data or those related to various production performance indicators...
The main objective is to be able to adjust, on a mobile and touch screen, all control parameters to implement an effective quality management and quickly identify new sources of productivity, inside or outside the production site.

The implementation of mobile clients is available for Android plateforms, iOS and Windows Phone.


Depending on the desired usage, one of three types of architecture may be employed : 

- Single server
- Dedicated mobile server
- Single PC (slightly more limited and restrictive)

1   2

          Single server                                           Dedicated mobile server