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Are you ready for an extraordinary journey ?

Based on the experience gained since 1989 and constantly listening to new technologies, ORDINAL Software, a software developer is always offering its customers innovative, high-performance software solutions to support them in their approach Continuous improvement.
To respond in real-time to increasingly demanding regulations, to control its process and to achieve a real industrial performance, ORDINAL provides its customers with the essential tools to an accomplished production follow-up, guaranteeing them an irreprochable quality and traceability.


Solutions integrating cutting-edge technologies

Today, with the COOX range, perfectly integrated and modular, ORDINAL brings to its customers a coherent, robust, scalable and perfect solution adapted to the industry 4.0. Its core-model approach allows substantial gains in terms of deployment, standardization of developments and facilitates the interface with third-party software.
Finally, in accordance with ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards and using web technology, developed in perennial languages (Java, Javascript), ORDINAL Software solutions meet absolutely the needs and requirements of your production.
ORDINAL's solutions, which have become a significant player in the supervision and the MES, are installed worldwide thanks to an extensive international networks of certified partners.