More than 20 years in the edition of industrial software

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey ?

Since 1989, ORDINAL Software, industrial software designer and editor, aims to deliver to the manufacturing world the best of IT technology, according to the specific demands of the industrial sector in terms of real time performance and reliability.

Competency and Innovation of ORDINAL Software, with multiple awards, have gained confidence of more than 200 customers and a strong partnership with renowned industrial actors.


A brief overview of our company history

August 1989, 10th, ORDINAL company was registered. As soon as 1992, ORDINAL takes place in the SCADA market with INDUSCREEN software. Since 2000 is commercialized GlobalSCREEN Intra software range, adding MES (Manufacturing Execution System) functionalities in compliance with ISA-95 standard.
Today, GlobalSCREEN Intra offer, extended and enhanced, has become COOX, a perfectly integrated and modular software range, answering the need of powerful features as well as setup and use simplicity, thanks to MESbox functional and business packages.

ORDINAL is now a leading actor in SCADA and MES (Manufacturing Execution System), whose solutions are installed by an international network of certified partners.