COOX® range: SCADA & MES modular solution

Since 1989 ORDINAL Software proposes a range of industrial software to meet the needs of  the manufacturers, whatever their sphere of activity: Food & beverages, Chemistry, Energy, Pharmacy and whatever the type of process: manufacturer or process batch.

Control, Collect, Trace, Schedule, Optimize, Analyze, Manage: as many automated actions using our industrial software COOX®, which delivers powerful SCADA & MES (Manufacturing Execution System) features in a modular approach.

MESbox packs deliver thematic features as a ready to use independent packages. As they rely on the same COOX® platform, they are combinable together and expandable thanks to COOX® builder.

COOX platform - COllaborative Operations & eXecution

The COOX® MES software (COllaborative Operations & eXecution) from ORDINAL Software relies on a single platform, SCADA & MES, integrating functional services and data model of your industriel computing.

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition - SCADA system: MESbox SCADA

Synoptics, variables state, alarm log, tracers, basic recipes (equipment setup), equipment explorer. Basic SPC features (alarm frequency, alarm duration). Includes COOX platform.

Process Management & Traceability: MESbox PMT

Dispatching (with equipment’s allocation) and manufacturing orders tracking, production tasks Gantt diagram, advanced recipes (phase control and procedures), physical and procedural ISA 88 model, manual and automatic operations, batch history, operational traceability. Includes COOX platform.

Material Tracking & Genealogy: MESbox MTG

Material tracking in equipments, descendant & ascendant genealogy, real time inventory. Includes COOX platform.

Quality Performance & Indicators - OEE calculation & monitoring: MESbox QPI

Continuously improving the quality of your products and the performance of your industrial equipment requires relevant analytical tools and indicators. 
With the MESbox QPI pack, you have a powerful calculation and monitoring module for OEE, Overall return, MTBF, MTTR, Quality rate... and all associated indicators, as well as the ability to easily create your own production performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators).
The MESbox QPI pack is indeed based on a universal processing chain that uses all of the data from the COOX® platform.

Replication & Redundancy server module

The COOX-RS module offers you redundancy of system and application services, database replication, through the installation of one or more secondary servers which will take over in the event of problems.

Historisation and Archiving of applications: Archive Manager

Compressed archiving of application data, automatic integration of a compatible viewer application, archive planner without need for stopping production, user-friendly off-production viewing, high operational safety.

COOX & mobile clients' implementation

The COOX range has been designed for the intranet. Developed entirely in Java, it has a distributed services architecture that allows it to fit any industrial application, so reduced to a single machine or deployed to a complete plant.
One of the new features is to provide access to views of a CCOX application on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), wirelessly, by visualization and/or control and this, without additional development !
This new technology offers actually greater flexibility : any operator can now access the desired information at the right time.